Let The Ink Stain the Dye

by WKJ Anderson

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released September 21, 2014

Written and performed (mostly) by William K J Anderson, with the invaluable input, advice and assistance of Adam Humphrey and the slide guitar talents of James Anderson.

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Humphrey at various times between May and September 2014 in Sheffield, UK.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Give Me Back the Ocean
If you give me back the ocean
I'll give you back the sky
We'll holiday in the sun my love
If we have the time
I'll buy all those clothes to rest on your shoulders
Be good and precious like wine
Wake you every morning
Cook for you every night

And we'll ignore all of those words in the foundries
'Cause I've never really cared for them
So if you give me back the ocean
Then I'll be home again
Track Name: If I Had You
Changing my flesh back from stone
Let me prepare your throne
I'll bring you silver bracelets and gold
Drain the North Sea of all its cold

I wouldn't need anybody
I wouldn't need anything
I wouldn't need anybody
If I had you

Directions? Now mine are east
With the West Wind against my face
It prisons winter, imprisons fire
Brandishes your fate with your desire

If there was anything you ever needed
If there was anything to do
If there was anything you needed
That I'd do

I wouldn't need anybody
I wouldn't need anything
I wouldn't need anybody
If I had you
Track Name: Abigail
The breeze palms the silver sea
And white-topped the mountains
These cliffs that surround us stand vacant
Being kissed by the brittle streets
With you in your dancing
A waltz bright and flashing to see
A vision
A wave bursting beautifully
And I'm right where I mean to be

Hear the howl from the old lagoon
The owls in their dreaming
Are plotting and scheming their callow flights
We'll follow all the way
Spy on their wingspan
To see how they shift when they find land
Study the surge of the air
As the dive to the dirt
To the oil and the blackened earth

Abigail, all those echoes are fairy tales
Abigail, there's no reason to be buried now
Abigail, latch your eyelash to the iris
Sense the heat and the final fix

I'm caught in this fishing net
The scales of the skins
And the flesh of the skeletons
Stick to me wet
I breath deep the salty scene
Of you on the sand of a rich pleasant land
There's a hollow cave
I'm happy to know you and I'm happy to go
Either way
Let's say good night just one more time

Abigail, all our tea cups are filled with smoke
Abigail, feel the beat in this heartless cage
Abigail, orange brickwork and paving stones
Don't always mean you're home
They don't always mean you're home
Track Name: Align The Waves
There's dirt in the coal mine
There's dirt in your hair
There's dirt in the flowers your bring me
There's dirt in the bath tub
And dirt in the ink
There's dirt in the way that you hold me

There are boats in a bay
And a fog in the way
Of the waves that are breaking like matchsticks
Like the thousands of men who've tried so hard in vain
I'm guessing my love just to kiss you

Silhouette souls, outlines of the whole
Have been winning the ways of my scheming
But fret not now my love
We'll align the waves

I'll marry the Father like I'll marry you
Set alight to the city I'm dreaming
With lighters and cigarette smoke from the lung
That's job is to just keep me going
And all these bundles or songs
And old fashioned poems
Stay dormant on the shelves of our mothers
The dust and the bile and the rust are waiting while
I trample mud through the kitchen

Let us stay this way
Palm to palm we'll obey
The demands of our ancestor's bidding
But fret not now my love
We'll align the waves

The sin of the dance
The millennium's trance
The mist of the soul has been lifted
But fret not now my love
We'll align the waves
Track Name: I Wish You Weren't in New York City
I've never walked on these ashen clouds
But someone's hung up the moon above us
My brother's driving with a smile on his face
You nearly wrap your arms around me

Can we meet up when we're both much older?
When I've realised that we have no fate
You'll still look good no doubt
I'll tell you my sorrow
How Norman seemed to change
How I've wasted all my days
Wish you'd never gone away
To New York City

I fall asleep in these Russian garments
Fyodor has left me here for sleeping
I'm not his double nor is he my keeper
We share a bed
Neither of us really rest

I picture you in your Brooklyn bedroom
Or stashed in Queens with your poetry
Manhattan's eye is your private seer
The Atlantic is your sea
I'm but shingle on an English Beach
Wishing you'd never gone away
To New York City
Track Name: I Think Your Bones Were Made Only For Me
I've been on the penny arcade with my wife
She's a real good mover
She dances for me every night
And I've been on the waltzers with my only friend
I don't think she knows
What my young mind has planned

And I've been lying
Through my teeth
At my father's grave
To reclaim the vessels
Of the debts I have paid
The bark from the crow's nest
The salt from the sea
But I think your bones were made only for me

It was either the war or battling the pits
Siphoning the liquor
Or gargling the piss
Her hands filled with diamonds
Her eyes melt the fire
Tearing the sky with a blinking desire

This leathery bone
Of flower thinned grey
Gnaws at the marrow
The core of the frame
The keys by the kitchen door
Wink as I sleep
But I think your bones were made only for me

The lamps on the street shine
We waltz through the light
We're two ballroom dancers
The ink in the night
Callouses mingle, blisters combine
I'll offer you the little I can claim that is mine

A mandolin veined secretly in the tide
That leaks from the pipework
Together we'll find
The yellow green patterns
The salt from the sea
But I think your bones were made only for me
Yes I think your bones were made only for me
Track Name: Let's Set Fire to The Dale Tonight
Have you been out the whole night long
Gambling with your sin?
Seeing which way the compass points
When you let out finally what is in
I have married fourteen jugglers
They all play the violin
I tell them to speak in French to me
And play act that they're violent
And they each have a loving mother
Who obeys their calm indifference
She steals a penny from the Lord's piano
Cuts a hole in the barb wire fence
And the charge women to do their bidding
Pay men to just dance around
Detest and dismiss as nonsense
All that their souls have not yet found

And I'm screaming with this trumpet
That you should let me waltz straight in
I'm just a fool in love with a leather gun
Who's ever said what they really meant?

Let the evening fold its darkening light
Into midnight's lullaby
Two lovers in a private infinity
Illume the heavens with their thighs
And do you long to play that game with me
Search the ether for fingerprints?
As if snow-lined routes of eternity
Hold the shimmer and the glint
Hold the baby in the basket
The sun in a yellow hand
The skyline of Hades unending
The final sea, the final sand
The last dew drop circuited across
The leaf's celebrated paw
The instant you can recognise
All that you want is you want more

All the children have ceased their screaming
All of their fathers must have died
I'm just a hushed up mouth of spit and grout
I don't say out what I think deep in

I don't whistle when I'm happy
Or eat when I'm hungry
Sink back into the darkness
When the light gets too much for me
I don't wash up last night's dishes
Or say to you what you really deserve
I don't save all the money I've pocketed
And I spend what I haven't earned
And I refuse to be your doctor
Yet I've medicated you
With a potion I made in my home
Of the most deep and delicious blues
That remind me of oceans and cloudless skies
Stretching high above
Reminds me of death in the afternoon
Teases me about my love

The choir is harmonising
And the dagger is so neatly poised
So sit me down and pucker up
And build up what I have destroyed

'Cause there's no building that can really house me
No woman that can ever see
That a man is a blank white canvas
He has no fate, he's no mystery
He's just longing for that arching moon
At midnight in the tender clutch
Of endless adoring embedded deep black
The kind you can rarely touch

And the stars in the rafters wink now
They always seem so well timed
So shut me up I'll tell you yours
If darling you tell me mine
Track Name: Who's That Pilgrim Going Down?
Go, just put me in the ground
I'm just another hound waiting for his meal
A bone, a breast, a plate of meat
Something guttered from the street
To consume the void

I don't mean to give you anything
Less than you deserve
But my mind's a map of markers
Where I should have turned
Away from alleys with shadows on the wall
Who's that pilgrim going down, down, down?

Time's gasps have filled my lungs
When visions of warring tongues
Have pierced the calming mind
Like disease mixing with your blood
Like puddles forming floods or rivers
Wild and free

I am not a painter
Or a prophet here to lead
To where the wine is served to masses
More in need
Who sleep 'neath sirens
Who hear the caws
Of "who's that pilgrim going down, down, down?"

So bite the bedspread
Lock in your claws
Crack the pennies stacked in little piles against the walls
Dissolve your eyelids
Then unfix your mouth
Who's that pilgrim going down, down, down?
Track Name: Let The Ink Stain The Dye
My oh my
How the world's changed and I
Watch from the window
Silver moons sinking by
Into a velvet black ocean
A thousand miles away
My home and the potion
For the words and the rain

My oh my
How the world's changed and why
Don't people surround me?
Are you my own private eye?
Keeping tabs on my movements
You've wire-tapped the phone
You know when I'm working
When I'm down and alone

Though the barmaid keeps smiling at me
It's the barman who's the one feeling lucky
There's wind on my temple
There's sand in my soul
I hope the North Sea just swallows us whole

My oh my
Let the ink stain the dye
Colour me in bruise blue
Hang me up from the sky
Where the breeze ignores your movements
Lets you float on away
Doesn't drown you or hound you
Above the words and rain

Though the barmaid keeps smiling at me
It's the barman who's the one feeling lucky
There's wind on my temple
There's sand in my soul
I hope the North Sea just swallows us whole
Bandages us and marries us
Keeps us in it's grip
Tight on the shore with the shingle and flint
'Cause I need this
Oh I need this!
But I want this even more
Maybe by morning we'll wash up on the shore
Track Name: Don't Go Home
Don't go home
Darling come home with me
We can watch the sunlight dissolve in to the bottle green leaves
No don't go home
Darling come home with me
You can sing me a lullaby
It would be all I'd ever need

Don't go back
There's nothing left for you there
Here there's greenery and love and the freshest of air
No don't go home
Darling come home with me
You can sing me a lullaby
It would be all I'd ever need

And we'll forget the race track
And the drunkards down by the quay
And try to hear those yellow trumpets
On the old Mississippi

Don't go home
Darling come home with
You can sing me a lullaby
It would be all I'd ever need

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